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Love & Relationship

Counseling for Individuals

Sometimes things don't go as smoothly as we would like when it comes to love and relationships. That's normal. And yet there are situations and situations in life in which it can be helpful and sometimes even necessary to call in professional support. Do you find yourself in the following situation? 


  • It has become quieter in your relationship or marriage.

  • Even though there are two of you, you feel lonely.

  • It is difficult to talk to each other.

  • Your topics and discussions go around in circles.

  • There are frequent arguments and disharmony.

  • Your sexuality is unfullfilled.

  • You think about separation or avoid your partner wherever possible.

Are you unhappy or dissatisfied with your relationship, do you want to change something and are you looking for professional support?

Then you have come to the right place.


I work with individuals in relationship if you need or want to work independently on your relationship issues. You may feel like you have to work on it individually, because your partner does not want to take advantage of joint couples therapy at the moment. Or you may may simply want to, because you are not ready to share with your partner what is going on deep inside of you. My work is also suitable for singles, if you are dissatisfied with being single.

Conscious Relating

Relating is one of the most beautiful, and yet, hardest things to do well, leave alone master. But we can make it better. Easier. More fulfilling. More satisfying. Healthy. Are you ready to transform the way you relate? Let's begin: In my research and professional experience, I've seen over and over again that the root cause of many, if not all, relationship problems is unrecognized early childhood adversity, and this is what needs to be worked on first. We'll look at relationship dynamics and investigate what keeps you feeling disconnected, unsafe, not seen, or understood. As long as you don’t feel safe with your partner, things cannot change. We’ll work to achieve exactly that. Often one partner pushes the other's partners buttons and vice versa. But when both partners are triggered, i.e. having their buttons pushed, a vicious circle develops, in which things go pear shaped rather quickly. It’s a vicious cycle, in which one person 'closes down' emotionally and the other tries harder and harder to re-establish the lost connection. This downward spiral must be broken. And that’s entirely possible. Because it 'only' takes one partner, you, who is able to bring themselves back into a relaxed open-hearted state. This allows you to then co-regulate the other. The withdrawn partner notices when the aggressive partner is open and relaxed again and vice versa. This brings a feeling of safety and security back into the field. This is what is needed so that the other partner can open up again. And as a sidenote, contrary to what many people think, big changes can occur even if only one partner works on themselves. So, whether you are the one in the relationship who suffers when your partner 'closes down', or you are the one who 'closes down' when sensing the other persons neediness, it does not matter. Help is on the way, call me today.

The first session will last 90 minutes, then 60 minutes thereafter. 80€ per session. These sessions are possible online as well.

Happy Couple

Holistic Counseling

This unique approach to counseling offers a way of communicating that is based on attentive listening and simply being present with you. It encourages honest and compassionate expression. It makes room for new insights and understandings, wisdom in decision making, and clarity. You can bring any issue regarding work, relating, family, or any other aspect of daily life. I work not only on the cognitive level, but also on the somatic level. This is needed in order to permanently release old imprints from early childhood from your unconscious memory. Working somatically, i.e. using the 'felt sense' of the body is important because unresolved wounds from early childhood, or wounds that have only been 'turned off' or 'overwritten', can wreak havoc in our lives. This form of counseling works holistically and somatically, so it can help you release old stress and integrate past issues permanently so you can find your way back to a joyful and fulfilling life. Schedule an appointment today and experience the difference Holistic Counseling can make for you. Schedule an appointment today and experience the difference Holistic Counseling can make for you. 

Sessions last 60 minutes and cost 80€ per sessions. Also possible online.

Young Family

Inner Man Inner Woman

Many relationship-issues can be addressed with this form of counseling. Osho, an Indian Mystic, explains: “Every man has his woman within him and every woman has a man within her”. If we are unconscious of our masculine aspect as a woman or our feminine aspect as a man, we will inevitably experience inner conflict, which is reflected in our outer lives. This usually manifests in various kinds of difficulties in relating with our partners, children, parents, workmates, or business partners. Inner Man Inner Woman brings awareness to this dynamic of our inner masculine and feminine parts. This simple process helps release harmful patterns in our relationships and provides more freedom and love in our experience with the other.

The first session will last 90 minutes, then 60 minutes thereafter. 80€ per session. These sessions are possible online as well.

Couple's Shadow
Man's Best friend

Love & Freedom belong together!

I help people like you to recognize what has them feel stuck and what holds them back in their relationship and in life. I help them recover their strength and inner power so that they can follow their own truth by cutting through their self-deception, making the effect of their own inner critic visible, empowering them to effectively defend against it and thus achieve more fulfillment and happiness. I help these people to develop the courage and inner strength to stand up for themselves without losing the love and trust of their partner, family and friends, so that they can move forward and take off, pursuing that which truly fulfills and satisfies them deeply in live. Only then can they be the partner to their loved one and the parent to their children that brings out the best in them. I love empowering others and help them live their full potential. It fullfills me to see them falling in love again - with themselves and with life itself!