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Holistic Counseling Aneesha C. Mueller

Spiritual coach, psychological counselor, relaxation therapist & couples counselor for relationship problems, especially for attachment anxiety, loss anxiety & toxic relationships as well as Trauma & Stress release through TRE®, one of the best relaxation techniques for stress management.

The time has come! The time to wake up! Now!

Whether you want to save your relationship or strengthen your self-esteem, the way to do it is through your heart. And now is the time! The time to find you way back to yourself and into your heart. Into your soul.

Do you know who you really are? Or do you know yourself only as a conditioned human being. Do you feel the core of your inner being? The call of your soul? Or do you only listen to your head, follow your mind? It is important to ask yourself these questions. 

These days it's become more and more important that we overcome our ego-mind and find our soul, recognize our truth and walk our heart's path. 

Who are you really? Do you recognize yourself for who you really are? A part of you knows it! Exactly this part I want to support and strengthen, so that you can wake up fully and break free from your conditioning. And that is important. Because only if each individual finds his inner peace, there can be peace on earth! The peace in me is the first step! Then peace in the world will be a natural consequence of it.


The split that we are experiencing in society right now happens precisly for this reason: That we react out of our ego-mind. We can overcome it when we come back to our heart, to our center. 

Remember, love is the best antidote to fear. And it is immensely important that we stay with love in our hearts when fear takes over in the people around us. 


Let me be clear: This is not about suppressing our feelings and to never be afraid, angry, sad, hopeless, or frustrated ever again. No. Our feelings are allowed to be there. But it's important that we become more permeable, that we give these feelings space and let them move through us, but not to let them rule us.

Fear, anger and other feelings are just energy. And if we don't attach a story to it, those feelings take about 2 minutes to "move through". So the problem is our mind. Because only when we link thought and feeling we go around in circles and the feeling can't change. Then we are trapped in fear or other feelings. And that's not good. 

Big changes are coming our way. Maybe we are already in the middle of it all. But I think the last 2 years have only been the beginning. The next few years will certainly continue to challenge us. But they will also be a great opportunity!

Are you ready for it?


That's the big question. Maybe that's why you found me. And that's good. So are you ready? You'll know you are if you always find the way back to your center, to your heart quickly. No matter what happens around you. Even in the greatest chaos, in the greatest crisis, in the greatest challenge. That's what we call resilience. 

No matter what problems you have, whether you want to save your relationship or strengthen your self-esteem, the way to get there leads through your heart!

I'm pretty sure that more challenges will be waiting for us. Let us make it a highest priority to strengthen our resilience, to develop trust and confidence, and to find our inner compass again in order to, not only survive the coming years, but to thrive. 

For this we need resilience and the inner compass, the inner guidance. And that needs trust. Deep trust. 


It's important not to let the split in society grow any deeper!


Let us work together to advance and strengthen peace and freedom on Earth. We now have the opportunity to realize that we are all connected, that we are all one. We must no longer allow division. For only together are we strong.


We have the inner resources that can help us during this time. For example, we can reconnect with Mother Nature. We can find the connection to our own heart, our soul. We can find the connection to existence, to God, to that which is greater than ourselves. 

We have to decide. Do we stay in our ego existence? Or are we ready for this transformation? 


We can wake up now! As a human being, as a soul! And in order for this to happen, it is important that we recognize, feel, own and integrate our shadow sides.


The new age asks us to restore our personal integrity. We all have dark sides, myself included. And I know how uncomfortable it is to go there. But that is our task now. As society. As humanity.


I want integrity, honesty, sincerity, justice and love to be the basis for a new society.


Is that what you long for as well? Then let's talk!


Maybe you need someone to take you by the hand? Someone that will stand by you? Someone that knows the way to his own soul and that can give you orientation? Someone that lovingly reflects back the out of integrity aspects of yourself without judgement? Someone that catches you when you fall?


Contact me now for a free Skype or Zoom meeting and we will find out together if we are a match and if and how I can help you. Speak to you soon! I look forward to it!

Counseling - Meditation - Education

Are you lucky enough to know your truth, to know that you are on the right path? Have you made all the right choices in life and feel fulfilled with the way your life has evolved so far? Good! You won’t need me.

But if you feel kind of lost, sometimes frustrated with what you are doing in life or what you are spending much of your time with (your work? Your relationship? Your friends?), if you are fed up with how things are going in general, and you feel stuck, slow to progress, or like life has been f***ing with you, then you have come to the right place!

I’ve been there. I know how it feels. And I know it sucks. It sucks BIG time!!

Many of us, including myself, think "I can do this on my own." But what we often forget is that we all have blind spots and tend to get stuck in the comfort zone without even noticing, because we have mastered the art of self-deception to the finest degree. But if you've managed to read this far, I assume that you've been going around in circles for a while. I respect and honor your courage and wisdom to consider looking for someone who can gently reflect your blindspots back to you or catch those elusive self-deception signals that you don't even notice. It needs a skilled coach or therapist to gently reflect those hidden qualities in you that your parents failed to acknowledge. The right support can provide all that and much more.

I’ve been trained as a psychological counselor and I facilitate group work and individual sessions. I also work as a nature coach (see and TRE Provider (

Why my work is effective is to be largely credited to the fact that I have been down those rabbit holes described earlier myself. And many times. Because I didn’t get help (at first), and I went around in circles again and again. I really found out the hard way what works and what doesn’t. And that’s the good news! It took a long time but eventually, I recognized that it really helps to work with a professional counselor or coach one on one.

The subjects that I deal with range from A to Z, but I can truthfully say that relationship issues and conflict at work is what most people come to me for, as well as generally feeling off-track in live (which often shows up in symptoms such as frustration and generally feeling dissatisfied with life, unnerved, irritated, or feeling resigned, tired and unmotivated).

Let us see how we can work together and let us find out if and how I might be able to help you in a complimentary one-hour session, in person or via Skype.

Disclaimer: My work is about true transformation, which requires you to go through pain and discomfort, rather than bypass it, and that takes commitment and courage ♥

I am an accredited member of the Professional Association of Health Practitioners (BfG) in the German Society for Alternative Medicine (DGAM), and I follow their guidelines. You can request the guidelines and qualification obligations free of charge from my association (

How does this work?

A Bit About My Work

Holistic Counselor, Spiritual Coach, Soul Searcher & Truth Lover


My name is Aneesha Christina Mueller and I have been on a 20+ year journey that has helped me become more and more myself. I have worked hard to break through my own conditioning and become more resilient so that I can find my way back to myself (aka my heart & soul) faster and faster, no matter what. I have gone through countless trainings (see my CV here). In Germany, I work as a state-approved health practitioner (DGAM/BfG) in the role of therapist, coach, mentor, group leader, meditation teacher and TRE provider. MY focus is to work with fundamentally healthy people. Namely, with those that sense or perhaps have even experienced that there is, and deepy want, something "more". 

I am a trained and certified Holistic Counselor and TRE Provider. In further trainings I have qualified as a Spiritual Coach, Relationship Coach, Couples Therapist and Meditation- and Relaxation Therapist. All my trainings and my professional experience allow me to help you with relationship problems, psychological or mental problems, emotional stress, acute psychological problems e.g. after disasters or traumatic experiences, as well as eating disorders, or with chronic problems such as muscle tension, pain in the neck, shoulders and back, and other issues like lack of motivation, listlessness, insomnia or exhaustion. I am well versed in numerous methods, which can help you release blockages, overcoming trauma, saying goodbye to exhaustion, and welcoming relaxation, inner peace and serenity.


Underlying all of these things, I'm all about transformation! My goal is to support people who, from the bottom of their heart, want to get closer to their soul, let go of unhealthy patterns, transform obstructive learned behavior and live their full potential.


My speciality is that we work somatically, i.e. we work with your body sensations and link this with the philosophy of Somatic Experiencing. Including body sensations in my work allows you to access all parts of your brain, including the parts that do not understand German, English, Spanish or Chinese. For example, the brain stem speaks and understands only body sensations and movement. The Limbic system understands body sensations and imagery. Neither of these two essential parts of the human brain speaks and understands language, that is, what we think, consider, analyze, and say. This differentiation is very important, and only working with the appropriate language of the different parts of the brain helps us to bring lasting and sustainable change into our lives and to actually become 'whole'. Only then is transformation possible.

I have clear principles and key concepts that serve as the basis of my work. As a recognized member of the Professional Association of Health Practitioners (BfG) in the German Society for Alternative Medicine (DGAM), I design my work strictly according to its guidelines and qualification requirements. You can request these free of charge from my association (Tel: 05139 278101, email:, 

How does it all work?

Every issue, problem, defense, projection, blockage, an experience of emptiness, anxiety, tension, an emotional upset can be a doorway to our Being. This work is based on the understanding that these feelings come up generally relate to a loss of the connection to Being, and that on one level the ego is trying to recover this connection and resolve the loss by doing, efforting, feeling justified, defending, projecting, withdrawing, transference, having strong emotions, analyzing and over-thinking things. While working on the 'ego-level' may relieve some suffering and help you to some extent, the deeper resolution happens through reconnecting to our Being that we have lost contact with through adverse childhood experiences.


The understanding of this work is that there is no true resolution on an ego level. People can change their outer circumstances and raise the level of comfort, safety, enjoyment, and/or love in their lives, but the inner shift and reconnection with Being involves a different mode of resolution. This resolution happens in being present with what is and the capacity to stay with anxiety, uncomfortable feelings, and inner emptiness.


I see my role as a spiritual coach in supporting and guiding you through this process of being and staying present with uncomfortable, sometimes painful, feelings so that you can re-connect with your Being. 


For me, this work is a form of inner awakening, and it is much needed for humanity to move forward. A collective awakening begins with each individual. Each of us can contribute to it. In fact, in these precarious times each one of us has a moral duty to do so. Speak soon!


"Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn't you - all of the expectations, all of the beliefs - and becoming who you really are"

Rachel Naomi Remen

Results You Can Expect

Gain Clarity

Gain clarity on what is important to you. Realize that living your truth is absolutely possible and feel empowered every step of the way

Feel Deeply Valued and Loved

Learn how to break through defensive layers, be vulnerable and honest with yourself, and your loved ones, and re-establish trust and connection in your relationship with others

Manifest Deeply Held Desires With Ease

Harness the power of mindfulness to find more meaning each day and connect deeply to your path and purpose

Allow Freedom & Love Simultaneously

Experience love and freedom in your love-relationship as one through learning how to be vulnerable and authentic, re-establishing trust and connection with your partner again and again

Release Behaviors That Are Holding You Back

Uncover and confront limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from realizing your true potential

Create Real Results

Experience significant breakthroughs and positive change where you have previously felt stuck and stagnant

Cultivate Your Authentic Self

Enjoy a judgment-free space where you are supported and guided to reconnect to who really you are versus the roles you play

Man's Best friend

What I can do for you

I help people like you to recognize what has them get stuck and what holds them back. I help them recover their their own truth by cutting through their self-deception, making the effect of their own inner critic visible, and empowering them to effectively stand up for themselves, thus achieving more fulfillment and happiness. I help these people to develop the courage and inner strength to be true to themselves by overcoming their conditioned behavior, so that they can move forward and take off, pursuing that which truly fulfills and satisfies them deeply in life. I love empowering others and help them live their full potential. It fullfills me to see them falling in love again - with themselves and with life itself!




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