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Find the Way Back to Your Heart

And Reconnect to Who You Really Are

Every problem, every projection, every blockage, every experience of emptiness, fear, tension, or emotional confusion I see as a door to our inner being. My way of 'counseling' does not give advice. Instead, my deep wish is to be there for you and guide you in your own inner Inquiry, the exploration of yourself. My intention is to help you to get back in touch with yourself, with your core, your soul, and through this, to find deep inner peace. 

This is the key to true, lasting happiness, regardless of external circumstances. This is the key to true love, which we can share with others instead of demanding it from our partner like a beggar. This is the key to the deep appreciation of yourself, your fellow human beings, and the world we live in. This is the key to deeply felt self-love that lives in our heart of hearts without the need for approval and admiration from others.

Inner strength, confidence, peace, love and joy reside within your soul. Courage appears when it is needed, from the source of our being. Your inner compass guides you when needed when you are connected to your inner being. You can find this and more all within yourself.


I will guide you in the process of it. I will take you by the hand and give you support and orientation. I will catch you when you fall. I will reflect every new quality that appears in you, until you recognize and embody it yourself. I will be on your side when things get difficult. I am here for you. 

If what you just read resonates, let's talk. In a free Skype or Zoom meeting we can find out together if we are a match.


Holistic Counseling

This unique approach to counseling offers a way of communicating that is based on attentive listening and simply being present with you. It encourages honest and compassionate expression. It makes room for new insights and understandings, wisdom in decision making, and clarity. You can bring any issue regarding work, relating, family, or any other aspect of daily life. I work not only on the cognitive level, but also on the somatic level. This is needed in order to permanently release old imprints from early childhood from your unconscious memory. Working somatically, i.e. using the 'felt sense' of the body is important because unresolved wounds from early childhood, or wounds that have only been 'turned off' or 'overwritten', can wreak havoc in our lives. This form of counseling works holistically and somatically, so it can help you release old stress and integrate past issues permanently so you can find your way back to a joyful and fulfilling life. Schedule an appointment today and experience the difference Holistic Counseling can make for you. 

Sessions last 60 minutes and cost 95€ per session. Also possible online.

Spiritual Coaching - Essence Work 

Every issue, problem, defense, projection, blockage, an experience of emptiness, anxiety, tension, an emotional upset can be a doorway to our Being. This work is based on the understanding that these feelings come up generally relate to a loss of the connection to Being, and that on one level the ego is trying to recover this connection and resolve the loss by doing, efforting, feeling justified, defending, projecting, withdrawing, transference, having strong emotions, analyzing and over-thinking things. While working on the 'ego-level' may relieve some suffering and help the client to some extent, the deeper resolution happens through reconnecting to our Being that we have lost contact with through adverse childhood experiences.


The understanding of the Psychology of Awakening is that there is no true resolution on an ego level. People can change their outer circumstances and raise the level of comfort, safety, enjoyment, and/or love in their lives, but the inner shift and reconnection with Being involves a different mode of resolution. This resolution happens in being present with what is and the capacity to stay with anxiety, uncomfortable feelings, and inner emptiness.


I see my role as a counselor in supporting and guiding you through this process of being and staying present with uncomfortable, sometimes painful, feelings so that you can re-connect with your Being. 


For me, this work is a form of inner awakening, and it is needed for humanity to move forward. A collective awakening starts with the individual.


Get in touch to book a session and feel the difference in your own Being.

Somatic Release 

Somatic Release is a guided inquiry into the presenting issue using the felt sense of the body to release trauma, chronic tension, and tension without psychological analysis.


One important element of Somatic Release is "pendulation", the movement between regulation and dysregulation. This process helps you to move to a state where your nervous system becomes slightly dysregulated (i.e. is aroused or frozen, demonstrated by physical symptoms such as pain or numbness) and then guides you to return to a state of regulation. Another very important element in Somatic Release is "titration", a method which guides the client to carefully dip into the activated state in very small doses only, and is then guided back to safety ("resourcing"). The goal is to allow you to resolve the physical and mental difficulties caused by the trauma carefully and safely, in a way that can be integrated by your nervous system, and thereby enable you to respond appropriately to everyday situations.


I also work with "resources", which are defined as anything that helps your autonomic nervous system return to a regulated state. This might be the memory of someone close you, a physical item that might ground you in the present moment, or other supportive elements that minimise distress. In the face of arousal, "discharge" is facilitated to allow your body to return to a regulated state. Discharge may be in the form of tears, a warm sensation, body movement, the ability to breathe easily again, or other responses, which demonstrate the autonomic nervous system returning to its baseline. The intention of this process is to reinforce your inherent capacity to self-regulate.


At all times in this process, you determine where the journey goes, while I hold the space for you, guide you in your inquiry and provide a safe and loving container that allows you to let go. 

Relational Life Therapy - Couples Counseling


Are you looking for the kind of couples counseling that helps you get to the bottom of things and gets you results fast? Are you tired of just talking about your problems and going around in circles? You've come to the right place. Using the RLT approach, a couple is guided to the 'next step' with exceptional precision. RLT has the power to unlock a couples full potential! RLT focuses specifically on building an alliance between the partners who are at odds. This alliance building happens in the first phase of RLT, which is called "joinging through the truth". Here we bring to light all the hard truths that have been preventing this alliance. This is a caring and compassionate look at what is really going on beneath the surface. RLT re-establishes the connection between partners in a non-blaming, non-shaming way so that both partners can feel heard and respected. They can then recognise that their presence and their wants and needs are important. RLT is different from other methods in that it not only teaches important relationship skills, but directly targets the behaviours and underlying reasons that cause the problems to arise in the first place.

Even if you have tried everything under the sun, don't give up. This method might just be what you have been looking for all along. RLT as a method is clear, focussed, yet compassionate and loving, and it gets results. Fast. Honesty and an open heart are all you need. Curious? Then let's get together in a free initial consultation via Zoom or jump right in and book a session now.

Sessions last 90 - 120 minutes. 95€ per hour. Also possible online.

Relationship Counseling for Individuals

Relating is one of the most beautiful, and yet, hardest things to do well, leave alone master. But we can make it better. Easier. More fulfilling. More satisfying. Healthy. Are you ready to transform the way you relate? Let's begin: In my research and professional experience, I've seen over and over again that the root cause of many, if not all, relationship problems is unrecognized early childhood adversity, and this is what needs to be worked on first. We'll look at relationship dynamics and investigate what keeps you feeling disconnected, unsafe, not seen or understood. As long as you don’t feel safe with your partner, things cannot change. We’ll work to achieve exactly that. Often one partner pushes the other's partners buttons and vice versa. But when both partners are triggered, i.e. having their buttons pushed, a vicious cycle develops, in which things go pear shaped rather quickly. One person 'closes down' emotionally and the other tries harder and harder to re-establish the lost connection. This downward spiral must be broken. And that’s entirely possible. Because it 'only' takes one partner, you, who is able to bring themselves back into a relaxed open-hearted state. This allows you to then co-regulate the other. The withdrawn partner notices when the aggressive partner is open and relaxed again and vice versa. This brings a feeling of safety and security back into the field. This is what is needed so that the other partner can open up again. And as a sidenote, contrary to what many people think, big changes can occur even if only one partner "does the work". So, whether you are the one in the relationship who suffers when your partner closes down, or you are the one who closes down when sensing the other person's neediness, it does not matter. Help is on the way, call me today.

The first session will last 90 minutes, then 60 minutes thereafter. 95€ per hour. These sessions are possible online as well.

Psychologische Beratung Aneesha C. Mueller. Einzelberatung & Inner Man Inner Woman Arbeit hilft Beziehungsprobleme lösen, stärkeres Selbstwertgefühl aufbauen, Vertrauen und gute Grenzen zu entwickeln. Finden Sie Entspannung, Harmonie, gegenseitigen Respekt, offene Kommunikation und geteilte Freude im Miteinander wieder.

TRE Sessions

A dysregulated nervous system is the cause of many physical and mental ailments. Good health is based on a well regulated vagus nerve. And TRE works to improve the vagal 'tone'. In addition, TRE increases your resilience and it helps you reduce worry and anxiety, relieve chronic tension in your back and neck, and sharpen your mind. TRE has the power, over the long term, to increase both your mental and physical performance, as well as improve your mental resilience and physical well-being.

The first session lasts 90 minutes, then 60 minutes. 80€ per hour. First session is billed as 1 hour. Also available online.

Inner Man Inner Woman

Many relationship-issues can be addressed with this form of counseling. Osho, an Indian Mystic, explains: “Every man has his woman within him and every woman has a man within her”. If we are unconscious of our masculine aspect as a woman or our feminine aspect as a man, we will inevitably experience inner conflict, which is reflected in our outer lives. This usually manifests in various kinds of difficulties in relating with our partners, children, parents, workmates, or business partners. Inner Man Inner Woman brings awareness to this dynamic of our inner masculine and feminine parts. This simple process helps release harmful patterns in our relationships and provides more freedom and love in our experience with the other.

The first session will last 90 minutes, then 60 minutes thereafter. 95€ per hour. These sessions are possible online as well.

Psychologische Beratung Aneesha C. Mueller. Einzelberatung & Inner Man Inner Woman Arbeit hilft Beziehungsprobleme lösen, stärkeres Selbstwertgefühl aufbauen, Vertrauen und gute Grenzen zu entwickeln. Finden Sie Entspannung, Harmonie, gegenseitigen Respekt, offene Kommunikation und geteilte Freude im Miteinander wieder.
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