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Dear client, 


I would like to explain the general terms & conditions to which I am bound. They have been developed by my professional association (BfG in the German Society for Alternative Medicine). Among other things, they take into account the applicable legal regulations.


The purpose of my practice is to help you find and actively shape your own personal ways to stay healthy. According to my education and experience, I will accompany you in the development of your abilities. We, you and I, promote practical health together.


The main focus of my work is to promote relaxation, resilience and vitality, personal development and individuality as well as spiritual self-awareness. I apply suitable methods from the following areas: Person-centered therapy according to Carl Rogers, somatic oriented coaching, nature coaching, ontological coaching, the Lataif according to A.H. Almaas (Essence Work), Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE), meditation, as well as 'compassionate self-inquiry'.


Principles of cooperation

For me as a health practitioner the principle of personal responsibility and free decision applies. You decide how far you want to go in your experiences and exercises. The principle of personal responsibility also means that in case of mental or physical illness or disability, you are asked to consult experts in advance and, if necessary, to structure your active participation accordingly.


My qualification and training includes the consideration of general precautions, but not the recognition of special hazards. You should know and keep in mind that even with gentle exercises and practices, physical and mental stress can occur. In spite of your and my caution, reactions and complications can arise that make medical or therapeutic treatment necessary.



I don't take any diagnosis of diseases and ailments or administer their treatment. Whenever we talk about diseases or ailments during our time together, it will always be done in order to expand your knowledge or to clarify the connection to the work we do together.




The scope of our work together as well as the fee applicable, for example x sessions, or weekly sessions over x months, will be determined in a preliminary meeting. Our agreement can be terminated at any time by you or myself. If I terminate the cooperation, you will, of course, not be charged any further fees. In case of a premature termination by you, you will incur the following costs:


During a work unit 25%; in the event of cancellation at short notice before a unit, if no replacement is available 25%; in the event of cancellation of an agreed series 25% of the fees for the hours falling within the following 10 days.


Part of our agreement is also that I will adhere to the further training obligations of the GesundheitspraktikerInnen BfG. I will gladly provide you with these and the professional code of conduct on request.

I am obliged to maintain confidentiality towards third parties about the occasions and contents of our cooperation.




I would like to ask you to inform me about your vacation 2 weeks before the start of your vacation for the purpose of planning. I also inform you about my vacation times 2 weeks in advance.


I look forward to working with you,


Yours truly,

Aneesha C. Mueller





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